The Art of Decluttering

I have been tasked with using technology to learn a new skill. I want to learn more about the art of decluttering and maintaining a more minimalistic lifestyle. This is actually becoming quite popular so I should be able to find many great resources to help me with this. My husband has really been pushing to declutter our home. Clutter gives him anxiety and makes him irritated. He emails me an article at least every four months or so to encourage me. I have come to realize that clutter really bothers me as well. I am currently using my Chromebook at the kitchen table to type this blog because my desk is too cluttered to work at. I have not put away textbooks and binders from last semester yet. My bookshelf is downstairs and the end of the semester was brutal for assignments so everything ended up on my desk as I worked through my tasks. Once I was done I stepped away from my desk and didn’t look back.


Psychology Today has a great article on 6 Benefits of an Uncluttered Space. I agree with all six points they make. I feel so much better when I am not surrounded by clutter. The process of decluttering is energizing and life runs more smoothly when everything is organized well. Be Brain Fit also offers excellent advice on Removing Clutter to Reduce Stress. They claim that getting rid of clutter helps a person to be more focused, relaxed, and productive. They also offer a 5-step decluttering system that I will try out.

My husband and I watched the first episode of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. We both really liked it and agreed we want to try her method. The first step Marie recommends is getting rid of clothes you no longer wear or need. The problem we ran into is time to spend decluttering. I have been waiting on Chad to go through his half of the closet and his dresser drawers. I am not innocent either. I started in my youngest children’s shared bedroom and happily passed along clothes to a cousin. I have not gotten into my older daughters clothes or my own. I started on decluttering toys instead. I got rid of 3 boxes of toys and such, but do not tell my kids!


I will get back on track decluttering our clothes starting with mine this week. I will either have to move on to the next step or go through Chad’s clothes without him. Do I dare?


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