Welcome to the Digital Portfolio of Mary-Anne Blenkin. I have ventured into the pursuit of an Education degree as a mature student. Near the onset of my pursuit, I was encouraged to apply to the First Nations University of Canada and work towards an Indigenous Education degree. I am so glad I did. I have learned about and experienced First Nations culture and pedagogies and endeavoured into the beauty of many Indigenous ways of knowing.

Part of what has guided me to this journey are some past experiences. I spent time in classrooms instructing a 10-week character-building course called HEROES. I loved it! I loved seeing the students grow and learn and connecting with the students. I have also had the privilege of working in a high school. I tremendously enjoyed being part of the school community. I have fond memories of the many spirit days, school trips and coaching the drama team. The many casual conversations that happened in the hallway, or at lunch in the cafeteria, also bring a smile to my face. It is amazing to see how much the students grow and excel from year to year.

My many field experiences have solidified my decision for this career choice. I have enjoyed pre-interning and volunteering in a variety of grades and truly believe I could enjoy teaching any grade. I want to become a teacher because I already know I enjoy the work environment. I have good communication and classroom management skills and I enjoy being around children. One quote that has stuck with me through the years since instructing the HEROES program is “A Hero is someone who uses their gifts and abilities to make a positive change in themselves and in others.” I want to be that special kind of hero that is called a teacher.